Unattended Death

24Trauma provides unattended death cleanup and remediation services. These situations can present hazards if not cleaned properly.

A body that is undiscovered for as little as a few days will begin to decompose.  Bodily fluids begin to leak out and saturate the contents and structure around it.  This causes a complex problem and needs to be properly cleaned.  What may appear like a simple stain on the surface can be just the beginning of a much bigger problem.  The odor associated by decomposition is overwhelming and can remain embedded in the contents of the property and the structure itself for several months if not properly remediated.

Plywood sub floors may become saturated with fluid and will not be discovered unless the carpet is properly removed.  Our professionals disinfect and remove the affected portions of flooring/structure, mattresses, couches and other furniture and place them into biohazardous waste containers. Homeowner’s insurance usually covers the cost of our services.

Our vehicles are supplied with the specialized equipment and cleaning materials needed for the job. The vehicles are discretely marked with a biohazard symbol and the number “24”. The company does not want attention brought to the trucks while on the bioremediation job site in order to preserve privacy.