Meth Lab Remediation

24Trauma is certified to remediate drug and “meth” labs after which the chemicals have been removed from the property by an accredited agency such as the DEA or HAZMAT. These areas should be cleaned by a certified drug lab remediation company upon removal of these chemicals.

24Trauma will make a preliminary property and sampling assessment. Samples will be taken and sent to an analytical lab for testing of methamphetamine contamination. Once the results have been received, a work plan will be established and sent to the local health department for review and approval. When the plan and project is completed, 24Trauma will start the decontamination process. An “Occupancy Certificate” will then be issued to the property owner.

Health Risks Involved in the Manufacturing of Methamphetamine

Do not attempt to clean the property on your own. Immediate health hazards from exposure to chemicals in this specific drug include shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, dizziness, lack of coordination, chemical irritation and burns to the skin, eyes, mouth and nose. Severe cases have resulted in death. Less severe, immediate health hazards may include headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue or lethargy. Long-term health hazards may include: cancer, damage to the brain, liver, kidneys, as well as birth defects and reproductive problem, such as miscarriages.