Homicide, Suicide, Natural Death

We understand all too well the tragedy of the loss of human life.  Cleaning of homicides, suicides, accidental, and natural death can present problems for families, friends, and businesses. 24Trauma can help relieve the emotional pain and liability by cleaning and disposing the biohazardous waste from these types of scenes.
24Trauma has a caring and professional staff that can help a grieving family by dealing with the remediation process quickly and effectively. We will thoroughly explain the process that our staff will perform and answer all questions. Trauma cleanup services are usually covered under homeowner’s or business insurance policies.

Cleaning Up After a Crime Scene

Trauma crime scenes require professional cleaning after a police investigation is complete.  When a home or business has been affected by a violent crime or accident and if blood and bodily fluids are present, it should be cleaned as quickly as possible.  This process should be performed by professionals trained in crime and trauma scene cleaning in order to protect current and future occupants of the property.  A failure to properly and safely remove all biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health issues for residents, employees, and customers.
24Trauma always adheres to the OSHA standard 29CRFR1910.1030 as well as EPA, CDC, NIOSH, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut State Health Department guidelines and procedures. Our trained and certified technicians disinfect, remove, package, and properly dispose of all biohazardous waste through a licensed medical waste disposal company.